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CrossFit Classes

In its true definition, CrossFit is “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.” But, in it’s practical, everyday life application definition, it’s hands-on fitness at it finest! Build the body of your dreams with the most effective exercise program in the world. Our CrossFit classes are geared towards beginners as well as more seasoned athletes.

Nutrition Coaching

Get healthy. Get lean. Get strong. Whether you need to establish a lifelong approach to food, want to improve your performance, or make changes to your body composition, we offer guidance and support through monthly nutrition talks, fun challenges, InBody scans and personalized macro calculations so you can achieve the results you never thought possible.

CrossFit Kids

For the child ages 5-13, our Kids Program includes: *Emphasizes proper movement techniques through gymnastics, body-weight exercises, and lifting. *Gain a deep understanding of strength and why it is the most important physical adaptation. 1) Strength has the most transference to other physical skills. 2) Strength is necessary for athletic durability and activities of daily living. 3) Strength is a hedge against injury. *Build a practical toolbox of mobility and motor pattern drills. *Focuses on safety, nutrition, and life skills for health and wellness *Community outreach and volunteer opportunities *Combines fitness with FUN!

Legends Fitness

Natural aging leads us to lose aerobic endurance, muscle strength, and flexibility which can have disturbing effects on a person’s ability to perform everyday activities such as climbing stairs, picking up a grandchild or simply getting out of a chair or bath tub, predisposing adults to poorer function and greater risks of falls. The Legends Class is geared towards older adults (60+) focusing on strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, and coordination. Every workout is specifically designed to accommodate the fitness level and physical limitation of each person.