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We are here to inspire Padre Island with a healthier lifestyle by connecting people to Health, Happiness and Performance. We offer inclusive fitness programs that will dramatically improve your level of physical fitness, nutrition, and mental health. We have created a support system we like to call “our community” that is the driving force for our success.


Experts in their craft, here for you!

Cassie Edwards

Owner / Head Coach

CrossFit L2 | CrossFit Gymnastics | CrossFit Kids

Chris Pence

CrossFit Coach

CrossFit L2 | CrossFit Football | CrossFit Nutrition CrossFit Olympic Lifting

Jessemyn Pence

CrossFit Coach

CrossFit L1

Clinton Vaughn

CrossFit Coach

CrossFit L1

Lorin Winters

CrossFit Coach

CrossFit L1

Andrea Vogt

CrossFit Coach / Personal Trainer

CrossFit L1

Braidan Carlisle

CrossFit Coach / Admin

Crossfit OL1

Samantha Vogt

CrossFit Kids Coach / Social Media Coord